Hide And Seek



“The same words

conceal and declare

the thoughts of men.”


~ Alfred Lord Tennyson



Elfje:         (Cinquain)



and seek

subliminal mind games

God knows your thoughts



Lune:    5 / 3 / 5


politics aside

they must run





was it love or was it lust
my heart I could not trust
the primal urges exploded
my addicted brain yelled more
thoughts that I could not ignore
my gene pool overloaded

emotional needs never discussed
physical satisfaction was a must
the morals were completely eroded
fantasies and conquests keeping score
deeds normal people would deplore
to selfish needs I was devoted

I regarded myself with distrust
knowing what I was doing was unjust
I was the person to be avoided
came and went through the back door
rarely was I asked to do an encore
answers to my advances were pre recorded

no, not tonight, no, never, you slime ball
if I need a headache I give you a call
finally became tired of all the rejection
met a man who taught me to listen
with a new way of living I’ve been smitten
I’ve learned to communicate with affection

growing old has become a blessing
words of love gladly expressing
in the mirror I like the reflection
learning to love has had it’s rewards
making friends from this day forwards
universal love my only selection


ME and the Boss.









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