Obscured Craftsmanship


The element of craftsmanship

in poetry is obscured by the fact

that all men are taught to speak

and most to read and write,

while very few men are taught

to draw or paint or write music.”


~ W. H. Auden


Elfje:            (Cinquain)



most can

billions of words

lost among library bookshelves



Senryu:      5-7-5 ( Haiku with people and their emotions/feelings as a topic)


negative response

immediate anger, rage

brain is on backwards




sitting in prison, wasting away
body and soul with a mind gone astray
father on the birth certificate unlisted
the mother was crack addicted

raised on the streets, the gang was school
broke the law to survive, that’s cool
hyperactivity motivated by negative thoughts
a good day ended with the sound of gunshots

never, ever considered any consequence
completely void of  any common sense
survival was the only job he ever knew
dependence on alcohol and drugs grew

eventually homeless and mentally deranged
from society he was completely estranged
panhandling and dumpster diving kept him alive
knife fight over a tent was his demise

incarceration, rehabilitation, locked up, jailed
was it he or was it society that has failed
PTSD, depression, anxiety disorder
and don’t forget the occasional hoarder

do we need to enlarge our prisons
is there no one with workable visions
close your front door, sweep it under the rug
escape your world with a prescription drug

today, tomorrow, when push comes to shove
bring the olive branch and become the peace dove
always try to do the next right thing
let your voice be part of a healing wellspring

have faith, hope, make a wish and say a prayer
someday, we will have comprehensive healthcare



ME and the Boss










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