Sweet Solitude


“Crowded places,

I shunned them

as noises too rude

And fled to

the silence of

sweet solitude.”


~ John Clare



Elfje:         (Cinquain)



thinking nothing

alone within myself

listening for God’s answers



Lune:    5 / 3 / 5


music everywhere

while asleep

sugar plums dancing




he could identify most of his habits
to him they were mostly good
just a series of mental acrobatics
wouldn’t change them if he could

he finally discovered some glaring bad ones
he was sick and tired of being sick and tired
it was time to face the music, to bring out the big guns
he hesitated, ever daunted by the work required

procrastination, the habits just grew bigger
desperation, was this another family  curse
justification, he could live with them a little bit longer
exacerbation, he was just making things worse

too many times to count, he tried again
he tried being a friend to gain a friend
his superior ego said everyone is insane
they all have their motives and to what end

finally, one lonely soul didn’t hang up
they determined they had some things in common
neither had ever won a loving cup
bad experiences they wish they had forgotten

his friend said you can lie to me, I don’t care
it’s your bad habit , trying to please me
however, stop lying to yourself, it is not fair
besides, you are just not my cup of tea

but the old habit kept pushing the friend away
he learned the talk, but not the walk
he needed to learn how to correctly pray
expectations were keeping his soul in hock

his final story has yet to be written
his beginning is living one day at a time
the steps to change he has been given
sanity guaranteed if he will only make the climb


ME and the Boss









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