“I too am not

a bit tamed,

I too am


I sound my barbaric yawp

over the roofs of the world.”


~ Walt Whitman


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



what waste

another man’s treasure

artifacts for the future





leaves fall, birds migrate

the sun lowers in the sky

cold winds will arise


Poem:       Rondeau


A (R) who could ask for anything more
A       no need to keep score
B       a soul who is a true friend
B       beside you to the end
A       an oath you both swore

A       hanging together was never a chore
A       excursions a subject of local lore
B       one on whom you could always depend
R       who could ask for anything more

A       a mate willing to pull his own oar
A       a buddy to pick you up from the floor
B       for the best in life we all intend
B       never ever a reason to pretend
A       kindred spirits together they soar
R       who could ask for anything more


ME and the Boss










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