More Cleverly


“Writing is learning

to say nothing,

more cleverly

each day.”


~ William Allingham



Elfje:            (Cinquain)



nasty insinuation

bearer of misinformation

who started the rumor



Tanka:             5-7-5, 7-7


quick to parse your word

ever looking for excuse

to misinterpret


negative side of the coin

sabotaging the meaning





had a wonderful dream
the start of my best poem yet
can’t remember shit

was it set beside a babbling stream
was it a place where we all met
thinking I’m going to throw a fit

was it to include a unique scheme
were you playing Russian roulette
time to sing john james jingleheimer schmidt

was I riding on a sunbeam
need to tie my brain to the ethernet
sorrow deserves another banana split

need to collect my thoughts on a particle beam
bad habit, old age, I forget
maybe tomorrow, I’ll remember shit



ME and the Boss








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Spring Hill, FL, United States Two nice old folks just hanging out, not hurting a bug or anything larger. The years have been kind to us and we now we are enjoying our golden years reading and writing. We are grateful for the God given talents that we now use to help others. View all posts by merb010

One response to “More Cleverly

  • nmartinez1938

    It’s amazing how great things come to us in what seems only a moment in a dream; –not to worry, it will come back again at a later night until we catch the memory, sometimes in a flash of just a moments waking then off again we slip into that same state…


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