A Universal Message


“A poet is

someone who can

use a single image

to send a universal



― Andrei Tarkovsky


Elfje:            (Cinquain)



subject matter

staying in touch

for your eyes only



Tanka:             5-7-5, 7-7


friends are forever
concerns support each other
feelings that are shared

staying young with memories
while growing old together




friends stay young with memories
while best friends grow old together
richer than gold friends fill our treasuries
friends forever, regardless of the weather

some every day, some just once in awhile
a good friend shares both the best and the worst
a true friend never tires, mile after mile
for friends the roles are never reversed

to have a friend, be a friend
selfish, self-centered  never works
it’s not the money but the time we spend
two friends can be a large network

a stranger is just a friend we have yet to meet
a cold shoulder is a definite sign of unwelcome
something in common makes a friend complete
what works is a smile, a word of welcome

no expectations, just be a friend
for the moment or for a lifetime
just accept what God intends
and if you are real lucky,

you will have a friend to the end.



ME and the Boss










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