But Only Tired


“I was not sorrowful,

but only tired

Of everything that

ever I desired.”


~ Ernest Dowson



Elfje:         (Cinquain)



smells good

stimulates the imagination

pleasures for all senses



Lune:    5 / 3 / 5


seeing you again

dreams relived

old feelings renewed




can you hear it, the song of the universe
music that stirs every atom of the heart
chords and melodies your being to immerse
every emotion intent on feeling its part

can you see it, heaven aglow with brilliant stars
their dancing choreographed with every note
glittering light reflected by brilliant feldspar’s
words softly sung through a velvet throat

can you feel it, a touch of heavens euphony
sounds that touch the ends of each nerve
every tone becomes a celebrated jubilee
sung by pure voices that angels serve

can you smell it, fragrances carried by varied sounds
from idyllic pastures to the cannons roar
music knows its place, from forefront to backgrounds
every nuance designed to make the spirits soar

can you taste it, songs that stir the imagination
from the ice cream truck to the commercial jingle
a symphony written as a part of the creation
when you are in tune it will make your spine tingle

let the music of the universe invade your  being
allow the children’s laughter to be your first sign
permit your body, mind and soul to be set freeing
enable yourself and the universe to align


ME and the Boss










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