The Soul Of Poetry

“Real haiku is the soul of poetry.

Anything that is not actually

present in one’s heart is not haiku.

The moon glows, flowers bloom,

insects cry, water flows.  .  .  .

 This is the essence of haiku. 


Santoka Taneda


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



synodic month

earth’s only satellite

a clear nights extravaganza





cricket songs have ceased

the rivers and lakes frozen

winters solid grip






enjoying life with a true passion
smug as a bug in a rug satisfaction
not to worry that the bubble will burst
when we die we’ll be over the worst

fingers, toes and eyes crossed
praying for luck whatever the cost
seeking places that induce laughter
who cares what may be in the hereafter

serving coffee, tea or me
just be the person you want to be
laugh, lust, just don’t get caught
only God knows what you thought

find yourself a new definition for fun
something to enjoy when you are on the run
find people and places that can fill the bill
make sure that everything flows from your free will

hope you enjoy this silly rhyme
know it was not a waste of time
today, be serious only when you need to be
just remember to giggle when you go to pee


ME and the Boss








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