At or Through


“Consider the difference

between the first and

third person in poetry


It’s like the difference

between looking at a person

and looking through their eyes.”


― Diana Abu-Jaber


Elfje:            (Cinquain)



an opinion

insight to hindsight

from a different angle



Senryu:      5-7-5 ( Haiku with people and their emotions/feelings as a topic)


happy, happy cat

immersed in his own world

cool, like really hip






there was a man, he wasn’t from Limerick
his manners and attitude were prehistoric
couldn’t tell if he was drunk or not
brain cells burned, he was a crackpot

did he drink until he was crazy
was his brain always that hazy
or was he crazy and drank too much
alcohol was his emotional crutch

Judge finally said enough is enough
tired of putting up with all the funny stuff
attend some meetings or go to jail
easy decision so he got out on bail

found the rooms, did as he was told
followed the suggestions his life to remold
silly turned out to be his sense of humor
cleaned up he did not appear to be an ex boozer

this was a man whose first life was satirical
given a second life that proved to be a miracle
became a good example by attending meetings
enjoying his new life with sincere honest feelings

his message was one of hope for everyone
if he could do it, it can be done by anyone



ME and the Boss








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