A Single Book



the man

of a




Thomas Aquinas


Elfje:            (Cinquain)



knows torah

understands bible verse

the qualified koran interpreter



Tanka:             5-7-5, 7-7


predict the future

March forecast springs arrival

oracles omens

Caesar beware of the ides        (3-15- 44 BC)

Toys R Us files bankruptcy       (3-15-2018)




it is alright to let your mind travel to far away lands
trips to a fantasyland that no one else understands
just remember to come home from time to time
unless your chosen vocation is being a street mime

those who think they are in control call it a daydream
hopefully your trips are not too frequently upstream
beware of the romantic delusion that verges upon lust
better to dream being rich and building a charitable trust

is it only the sick whose fantasies become nightmares
or was it what you ate that made you unawares
what of the seer whose mind cultivates premonitions
can anyone do it under the right set of conditions

must you make reservations to take these trips
must you pack a bag if you’re joining the apocalypse
let this rhyme stimulate your mind
and may all of your trips be one of a kind



ME and the Boss










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