We Enter Art


…sometimes we enter art

to hide within it.

It is where we can go

to save ourselves,

where a third-person voice

protects us.”


~ Michael Ondaatje


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



express emotions

sing a song

say what you think



Lune:    5 / 3 / 5


for instant pleasure

broken hearts

games some people play




feel the word, think love
enjoy the blessings from above
the more you give, the more you receive
a grateful heart will easily perceive

peace begins with me
be the person your Higher Power wants you to be
a grateful heart knows serenity
no need to hide a secret identity

to have a friend, be a friend
every effort is worth the dividend
sharing the ups, the downs and the in between
living in divine grace as did Saint Augustine

eliminate the limits, think big
be faithful and never, ever renege
don’t grow too old before your time
believe that today you are in your prime

try to make this world a better place
do anything that will improve the human race
share something that will make everyone laugh
or donate to charity with your autograph



ME and the Boss










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