the forget-me-nots



one by one,

in the infinite meadows

of heaven,

Blossomed the lovely stars,

the forget-me-nots

of the angels.”


~  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Elfje:            (Cinquain)



who care

heaven and earth

protecting man from himself



Tanka:             5-7-5, 7-7


very demeaning

just uncomplimentary

vicious malicious


defamatory remarks

I’m up since I put you down




the moss hung low from the old oak tree
the mockingbird added it’s voice
sunrise on the reservation of the Miccosukee
the Creators world to rejoice

then came the Trail of Tears
President Jackson signing the final law
settlers greed and unfounded fears
disposed the warriors and their squaw

a few hundred were able to flee
in the swamps of south Florida they did  breed
wrestling alligators for the visitors to see
along the Tamiami trail they do succeed

from Tampa to Miami
through the southern Everglades
in weather that is always clammy
under the mossy oaks shades

with new road changes to rectify the old
the swamp now is beginning to flow
nature still wondrous to behold
where cypress and oaks continue to grow

keeping alive a heritage now celebrated
the natives are now mostly assimilated



ME and the Boss








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