A True Poet


“He who draws noble delights

from sentiments of poetry

is a true poet,

though he has never written

a line in all his life.”


~ George Sand



Elfje:         (Cinquain)



oral history

before written word

rhymes easy to remember





a bright sunny day

window view comfortable

winter’s chill outside




mother cultivated the beautiful iris
from Spanish iris translates to mean rainbow
exquisite colors which remain nameless
captured in the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh

pleasurable emotions tied to beauty
all creation is in perfect balance
except for the crazy who are a little fruity
and those who went down the hole with Alice

the birds and the bees, nature’s splendor
the males awesome colors to attract a mate
the sitting female camouflaged to fool the predator
except for the nerd who can’t get a date

we guess the exception is there to keep the balance
a unique place for the wanna be, the pretender
what God has provided in normals absence
in a mother’s heart everyone is a contender


ME and the Boss











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