“Those who

don’t believe

in magic

will never

find it.”


~ Roald Dahl



Elfje:         (Cinquain)


magic trick
a supernatural conjuring
the charming sorcerers deception




cool April showers

nudge May flowers from the earth

spring is official


Poem:      20 times ( x ic )


he dreamt of things which defied logic,

his heart was malleable and plastic,

forever and always the romantic,

he pined for the times nostalgic,

when he was able to trip the light fantastic,

when life in general was not that frantic

unfortunately, reality taught him to be sarcastic

many suggested that he go play in the traffic

his response was to always play the dramatic

lay on the floor and flop around like a spastic

friends and family learned to ignore that tactic

they pushed his buttons just to see him panic

at last the diagnosis came back as a manic

all of his symptoms were crazy classic

he was given steps to recovery that were drastic

they named consequences that were graphic

with no change his life would become static

learn to be wrong, give up the fanatic

he changed, he laughed, he loved, he was ecstatic

was it a miracle or was it magic


ME and the Boss









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