Speak Without Voice


“We can speak without voice

to the trees and the clouds

and the waves of the sea.

Without words they respond

through the rustling of leaves

and the moving of clouds

and the murmuring of the sea.”


~ Paul Tillich


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



the silence

earths quiet rhythm

can the stars speak





the snow has melted

crocuses show tiny heads

robins announce spring





can we always describe the emotion we feel
one word, one definition would be the ideal
there is always a but, or, maybe, could be iffy
sad, happy, glad, changes in a jiffy

feelings that make the lovers sweat
blood pressure rising when one is upset
how do you best describe clammy hands
are we sure that everyone understands

how horrible when one feels ill
can you have faith in one little pill
only when confronted does it make us feel small
how much time do we spend having no feelings at all

at what level do emotions become drama
who is to argue that it may be trauma
some shrink needs to develop an emotions scale
from one to ten, to measure from success to fail

must we have feelings on someone else’s demand
will Big Brother have all emotions banned
mothers have shed enough tears to fill the oceans
above all, please, avoid the explosions

can we avoid the feelings if we stay in bed all day
will the god’s make us feel good if we pray
bewilderment, embarrassment enough feelings for one day
how does the piper demand his pay

today, just be safe, guard your emotions
give the feelings to God in your daily devotions
may all of your feelings be wrapped in rainbows
may they be only good feelings from head to toes


ME and the Boss











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