Go Out


‘It had long since

come to my attention

that people of

accomplishment rarely

sat back and let things

happen to them.

They went out and

happened to things.”


~ Leonardo da Vinci


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



finally finished

all goals met

over and done with






dog days afternoon

Sirius rises with the Sun

mad dogs and bad luck




went to a wonderful meeting today
the topic: of what can we be certain
certain that the disease will always lead us astray
certain the Wizard of Oz was behind the curtain

things will change when we learn to pray
with a Higher Power we do not bargain
sobriety can’t be found by efforts made halfway
miracles are not made by my favorite Martian

keep coming back, meeting makers make it
we are all powerless over people, places and things
we are all the same, a unique one of a kind misfit
my guardian angel worked very hard to gain his wings

it was certain that certain members shared the same thing
some evoked the steps as they shared their experiences
laughter only deepened the hopeful wellspring
above all, recovery was treated with seriousness

certainly glad I went to the meeting
a good habit worth repeating


…but in this world nothing can be said to be certain,
except death and taxes.
      ~ Benjamin Franklin


ME and the Boss











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