What Is Enough


“...and then,

I have nature and art

and poetry,

and if that is

not enough,

what is enough?


~ Vincent van Gogh


Elfje:         (Cinquain)


plenty enough
more than adequate
a pretty decent amount


Lune:    5 / 3 / 5


messages in words


rhyming melody


Poem:   The Good King


it was the angel’s only responsibility
the precocious child of nobility
to keep him safe and lead him to God
if only he were not the Devil’s lightning rod

good and evil, right and wrong
the angel sang her innocent song
the Devil’s beat, he called it rap
the lyrics were a devious trap

the boy an inculpable beholder                          (innocent bystander)
from his left shoulder to his right shoulder
the angel held by the devil’s mesmerizing sway
they danced and pranced the day away

the boy was confused, did just as he pleased
his young heart was unfairly squeezed
some deeds were nice, other acts were atrocious
to his peers he was truly ferocious

God witnessed the dance from His throne above
His message of balance in this world is love
the angel was enraptured by His heavenly glow
to the Devil he delivered a knockout blow

with the angels touch the lad was delivered from hell
the trumpet sounds were joined by the lofty church bell
looking up he saw a Good Orderly Direction
heart and soul his rule was guided by loving affection

the Devil came to and attacked the young lord
the angel stepped in, ever faithful to her word
heart and soul the now king was on the angels side
his faith in love was enough to reverse the tide

the good king’s new bride was the angel in disguise
they lived happily ever after which is no surprise


ME and the Boss










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