The Best State


“Reading —

the best state yet

to keep

absolute loneliness

at bay.”


~ William Styron


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



signals and words

conveying a message

understood by the reader





cicadas humming

frogs croak the nights serenade

summer in full sing




even in a crowd he always felt alone
he believed his soul lived in the twilight zone
subconsciously he pushed away any who loved him
he reviled his name as though it were a pseudonym

he thought he was saved by a miracle elixir
for the loneliness it was a social fixer
don Juan, Superman, whatever he wanted to be
his inhibitions, his phobias were all set free

there came a time, he can’t remember when
soon after he heard the judge say five to ten
he realized the the cure was no longer his friend
the drug had lead him to a sorrowful dead end

once a week the men visited the prison
after awhile he began to listen
their message was plain and simple
one day at a time your soul to rekindle

he did his time and followed the men home
they taught him to read using a big blue tome
whenever he could he went to a meeting
in this plan there would be no cheating

he began to like his name, the loneliness disappeared
at each anniversary his new friends loudly cheered
sharing his experience, his hope, he gave good advice
giving of his time was never a sacrifice

he was a long timer who gently faded away
his debt to society he was glad to repay


ME and the Boss









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