The Poem Ends


“I loved my friend

He went away from me

There’s nothing more to say

The poem ends,

Soft as it began-

I loved my friend.”


~ Langston Hughes


Elfje:            (Cinquain)



bosom buddy

someone who cares

someone to rely upon



Tanka:             5-7-5, 7-7


a complete story

penned by the fake journalist

publicizing hate

swayed the public opinion

the publishers agenda





the haves , a few, the have nots, many
in the middle there are not any
discrimination really does exist
sadly, a lot are content to subsist

the house and a couple of cars
life’s path determined by the stars
burdened with a ton of debt
paid by yesterdays blood and sweat

the rich are above the law oblivious
even those who are lascivious
the bottom hooked on a bad drug
are just being swept under the rug

promises, promises, can we afford to keep them
while fake news adds to the invisible mayhem
created by politicians seeking re-election
motives subject to critical circumspection

prognostications made to influence the vote
did I say that, it had to be a CNN mis-quote
Soros spending billions to wreck the nation
the ACLU puppets his favorite donation

come on America, let us make a stand
let’s vote God back into our land



ME and the Boss








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