Confidence and Doubt


Doubt can motivate you,

don’t be afraid of it.

Confidence and doubt

are at two ends of the scale,

and you need both.

They balance each other out.”


~  Barbra Streisand


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



the same

in the middle

in a steady position



Lune:    5 / 3 / 5


between two places


main road in a town






alive and well, mostly brain dead
can’t figure out what is in my head
of all the things that I have ever lost
it is my mind that I miss the most

the body says it’s time to exercise
the mind knows it would be my demise
knock, knock is there anyone at home
in that wide open space where ideas roam

does God really know what I am thinking
stinking thinking from alcoholic drinking
the lights are on but no one’s there
would I, could I, should I care

was mother able to use telepathic clairvoyance
she always knew when I was using avoidance
the announcer said the mind is a terrible thing to waste
why can’t memory be as easy as cut and paste

I think today I’ll go looking for a thought
maybe learn how to undo the gordian knot
then again the best idea seems to be to take a nap
to let the thoughts and dreams overlap

this old worn out mind may not make any sense
so allow this poem to offer a wonderful pretense

(Fake it until you make it)


ME and the Boss









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