Never Grow Old


“Youth is happy

because it has the

capacity to see beauty.

Anyone who keeps the

ability to see beauty

never grows old.”


~ Franz Kafka


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



not ugly

the heart sings

eye of the beholder





hot summer hangs on

crops not harvested soon die

leaves begin to turn



When you’re dead you’re dead.


the seed, from whence it all began
the Great Provider supplied the plan
which came first the chicken or the egg
can you ever be too proud to beg

what is the real meaning of life
is it true that we create our own strife
do the souls of dead bodies need a place to go
is everyone in heaven named jane doe or joe blow

the philosophers don’t know the answers
logic moving about like the tap dancers
when they don’t even know if the question is right
putting the mind into a knot that is pulled real tight

humans are hell bent on self destruction
blindly following religious instruction
who knows, who cares, let the mind wander
if you have a life there is no need to ponder

enjoy the moment, this too shall pass
the destination is the same, tourist or first class


ME and the Boss









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