My Bursting Heart



bursting heart

must find vent

at my pen.”


~ Abigail Adams



Elfje:         (Cinquain)



heart felt

tears of sorrow

tears of unrestrained joy



Lune:    5 / 3 / 5



why worry

what will be will be




the stick became a gun
I had no idea that I was having fun
the agile best could catch butterflies
mud puddles were the ultimate grand prize

a childhood so totally innocent
a mostly unconscious participant
schools best time was always recess
let the grown ups worry about the progress

good directions from family, church and school
I ignored it all and became a fool
adding alcohol only inflamed the fire
the devil was preaching to my choir

stumbled through a life with no rhyme, no reason
year after year in my prime a no win season
a past strewn with emotional wreckage
forever ignoring the obvious presage

saved by what I call a God incident
it could only be a God coincidence
shown the doors where the drunks recover
a whole new life was given for me to discover

I will not forget the past or shut the door on it
accepting God’s world as He sees fit
trying to become a renaissance man
giving back freely whenever I can

fun and games has taken on a new meaning
including a daily exercise to do a soul cleaning
every day without a drink is a win win season
to do God’s will has become the reason


ME and the Boss








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