As The Wind Blows


“Write as

the wind blows

and command

all words

like an army!”


~ Hilaire Belloc


Elfje:            (Cinquain)



this way

and that way

as the wind blows



Senryu:      5-7-5 ( Haiku with people and their emotions/feelings as a topic)


they would not, could not

show any true emotions

children of abuse




he awoke from a pleasant dream
lying  softly next to a gurgling stream
life was going good or so it seemed
actually better than he had ever dreamed

there was a time when things were bleak
his soul was lost he thought he was unique
his life was held in the grip of an addiction
humbled to his knees with a life of dereliction

a disease that is physical, mental and spiritual
to a cure which is in the realm of metaphorical
beyond self help it takes a collaboration
shown a pathway by the healed’s affirmation

following their suggestions he became humble
he salvaged a life that was about to crumble
promises made, promises kept
life is no struggle when you learn to accept


ME and the Boss







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