Writer’s Block


Writer’s block

is only

a failure of

the ego.

  ~ Norman Mailer


Elfje:            (Cinquain)



able to

must be done

the to do list



Tanka:             5-7-5, 7-7   (Modified:   5-7-5, 5-5)


summer rain begins

adding to humidity

plants don’t seem to mind

dry lakes need water

nature knows her job




a long week without writing a poem
wanted to be happy, but I kept watching the news
have this feeling I’m at the bottom of the totem
can’t listen to the music when it is only the blues

can’t pick a color, to me all lives matter
don’t they care about whose lives they shatter
burning and looting is not peaceful protest
the only thing they could pass is an anarchy test

will the peaceful majority rule at the next election
or will the minority socialist make the selection
what will happen when there is nothing left to give away
that empty feeling when all that’s left is to hope and pray

maybe God can come back into the picture
the lessons, the history are all in the scripture
the pandemic rages on, no common sense
what can I get with my last two cents

happiness is my new found prize
I have learned to laugh at the politicians lies



ME and the Boss










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