Humor Is Truth


“Humor is something that

thrives between man’s

aspirations and his limitations.

There is more logic in humor

than in anything else.

Because, you see, humor is truth.


~ Victor Borge


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



tickled pink

chuckle, yak, giggle

the jokes on you



Haiku:     (5-7-5, nature and seasons the topic)


butterflies abound

flowers proliferating




can’t get the timing, can’t tell a joke
I get to the punch line and I choke
believe me, I do love to laugh
always when I get to see my yearbook photograph

I once told jokes to give my ego a lift
demeaning others was my special gift
ethnic, racial, the meanest jokes around
stupid, ugly, used to tear others down

changed my habits a few decades ago
hanging out with the sickest of the sick, a guy named Joe
we have learned to laugh, not at each other
our stories now make us laugh with one another

we go to meetings to tell  how we have changed
learning how to live with a mind that is deranged
blessed are they who survive the abnormality
those who are born with an addictive personality

knowing that a laugh a day will keep the doctor away
to be happy, joyous and free we pray


ME and the Boss









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