“Trifles make


and perfection

is no trifle.”


~ Michelangelo


Elfje:            (Cinquain)          classic: each word only one syllable



most clean

no foul dirt

as God made it



Tanka:             5-7-5, 7-7

St Valentines Day
his unconditional love
a channel for God

you too can be His channel
just love without a limit




failed, misplaced, skipped, omitted, lost
you can’t retrieve the past at any cost
don’t blame the memory for getting old
it is mostly the lies that we have been told

hindsight tells me that I missed my prime
either misused or squandered most of my time
no use crying over all of the spilled milk
a sows ear can’t be made into a purse of silk

forget the past, let the hair down, have some fun
soak up the sun, even if the work is not done
time is an element that man will not conquer
it’s our perception what makes time a monster

today, let time manage it’s own image
are you alive ?,
just thank God for that privilege


ME and the Boss








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