Savor The Moments


‘Savor the moments

that are warm

and special

and giggly.”


~ Sammy Davis, Jr.


Elfje:         (Cinquain)    classic: each word only one syllable



not real

just for fun

it makes me laugh



Lune:    5 / 3 / 5


just as God made it


adapting to now




please read
it may be just what you need
a kick in the pants to get you started
a journey not for the fainthearted

let us take a trip to nowhere
where productive thinking is very rare
destination: the seat of government
a place full of fanciful wonderment

how did these clowns ever get elected
making laws common sense rejected
a politician’s authority for personal gain
corruption, graft, the richest gravy train

how can they afford those huge mansions
a slap on the wrist that they call sanctions
Nepotism, Cronyism, who’s not qualified ?
their excuse is that their hands are tied

bad lawyers running to assuage their egotism
their dictionaries do not include the word altruism
always at conflict with their primary purpose
acting like wolves going for an opponents carcass

billionaires bought the last election
has democracy lost its moral direction
now is the time to do your part
vote with your head, not with your heart


ME and the Boss








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