The Ability To Dream


“The ability to dream

is all I have to give.

That is my responsibility;

that is my burden.

And even I grow tired.”


~ Harlan Ellison



Elfje:            (Cinquain)          classic: each word only one syllable



so slow

in a row

go with the flow



Tanka:             5-7-5, 7-7

the earth goes around

April showers, May flowers

seasons come and go

Mother Nature is alive

even after we succumb


God is good, all the time
from the omnipotent to the sublime
a Higher Power with many names
studied in a book by William James

the Universe is good and filled with love
all the blessings emanate from above
humans are the perpetrator of all evil
man has invented everything that is illegal

begins with a thought, then the reaction
only the good and love ends in satisfaction
immoral thoughts, wrong actions, a daily double
a dreary future facing so much trouble

Today, be the person your God wants you to be
hopefully one who is happy, joyous and free


ME and the Boss








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