Maturity Required



“You must have

a certain amount

of maturity

to be a poet.

Seldom do sixteen-year-olds

know themselves

well enough.”


~Erica Jong


Elfje:            (Cinquain)         (Classic, each word only one syllable.)



don’t know

can’t find out

which way is up



Senryu:      5-7-5 ( Haiku with people and their emotions/feelings as a topic)


tagged with graffiti

anger was his first response

gangs advertisement




there was this song in my heart
I just could not get it out of my head
it was a feeling I could not get rid of
it had something to do with being in love

it was then that you walked into the room
the happy feelings began to bloom
had the words just needed a melody
harps and trumpets, something heavenly

not my talent, to impatient
I just don’t understand the relation
notes and rhythm to match the words
think I’ll just let singing to the birds

that still leaves me with the feelings for you
I want to be on a lake with you in my canoe
then I hear me strumming my out of tune guitar
the whole picture becomes hazy and bizarre

darn it, shucks, dang blam it, another failure
I know that I will never understand this behavior
despite the ruckus, there is one thing that is true
I will always and forever be in love with you


ME and the Boss









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