“Laughter is

the closest

thing to

the grace

of God.”


~ Karl Barth


Elfje:            (Cinquain)          classic: each word only one syllable

big grin
not a frown
full of good cheer

Tanka:             5-7-5, 7-7
do the selfish thing
no need to think of others
I want what I want

the addict out of control
lives destroyed in the process



of all of the gifts received in sobriety, laughter has to be the greatest
for too many it is the gift that is received the latest
most addictive substances act as depressants
those who start young never outgrow adolescents

the alcoholic/addict thinks a laugh is weird
hooked to an emotion that is feared
always laughing at someone or something
laughing at them because they are nothing

eventually they understand to laugh with, not at
at ourselves, not at others, always just a tit for a tat
the best humor is not at another’s expense
the laugh grows along with the common sense

a laugh a day will keep the doctor/shrink away
and for most they pray for another sober day


ME and the Boss








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