Can You Hear


“That night when

you kissed me,

I left a poem

in your mouth,

and you can hear

some of the lines

every time you breathe out.”


~ Andrea Gibson


Elfje:            (Cinquain)        Classic, each word only one syllable.

a peck
sign of love
your lips meet mine


Tanka:             5-7-5, 7-7

over the river
into the country of yore
see the Amish men

riding the horse drawn buggy
pacifist of the best kind



how many giggles equals one laugh
only the happy can do the math
how many colors does it take to make a rainbow
as many as are required to paint a Van Gogh

how many flowers can a humming bird visit
the Great Creator said there is no limit
how many times can I feel a different emotion
almost as often as there are fish in the ocean

will there ever be a cure for pollution
we’re sure Mother Nature has a solution
how many questions have no answer
as many taps as a good tap dancer

enough of this silly game of rhyme
must be something better to do with my time


ME and the Boss







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