A Passionate Pursuit


“I have

defined poetry

as a ‘passionate

pursuit of

the Real.”

Czeslaw Milosz


Elfje: (Cinquain)


as pure
just as is
not at all false


Lune: 3,5,3 syllables ( In Reverse, Lune should be 5,3,5 )


most intense feeling
heart ablaze




mystical, magical, an awesome miracle
for those in recovery it is empirical
in life there are no mere coincidences
there are only fortuitous God incidents

born with a brain on backwards
most grew up to become bad actors
the on / off switch definitely broken
surely quite unique but still a token

for those who never quite fit in
keep coming back was a good place to begin
a warm welcome which gave many goose bumps
a fellowship using a Good Orderly Direction

a Higher Power by any name is acceptable
most of the miracles are barely perceptible
a backward brain does not mean that they are insane
the road to recovery is becoming humane

miracles are most often a change in attitude
many learn the joy of having gratitude
abstinence gives one a new life to be what you want to be
a soul who is happy, joyous and free


ME and the Boss









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