Emotion Is


is the


of life.”

Marty Rubin



no touch
from the gut
what you may think


Senryu: 5,7,5 syllables people and their emotions as a subject


gentle emotion
no laugh, no cry, just happy
the best in between




the struggle was in his mind
was he better off dead or alive
to being hopeless he was resigned
it took too much just to survive

drugs and alcohol were a quick fix
too soon the terrible addiction took over
the mind started to play more insidious tricks
peace was an eternal sleep under a bed of clover

he woke up frozen to the ground
could not remember when the binge began
he so wanted his life to turn around
directions were needed to give him a plan

he found hope among a group of drunks
they gave him a book that had a Doctors opinion
it had twelve steps to get him out of the dumps
to a Higher Power he became a loyal minion

four scores plus he continues to thrive
the Group Of Drunks is now his sponsor
a soul at peace, just glad to be alive
to his personal God he gives all honor


ME and the Boss










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