Names And Ghost




and places,



and ghosts.”

Aldous Huxley


Elfje: Cinquaiin



lost soul

not a trace

to haunt my place



Tanka: 5,7,5 7,7


his story was sad

he needed a ghostwriter

read but never seen

to tell his tale or go mad

would it end up as fiction




the old town clock rang in the hour
what was I doing up at three in the morning
a ghostly sound from atop of the tower
an omen, was it the specters fair warning

a mist blew in from across the bay
adding an echo to the eerie sound
moonlight made everything appear a whitewash grey
a distant foghorn was heard in the background

the smell of salt water hug in the air
the senses aroused made my hair stand on end
muscles tensed, awaiting a scare
at that moment I needed a friend

the alarm was loud, the fog slowly lifted
hate those dreams that are so totally vivid


ME and the Boss








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