Perfect Sense


Many have referred

to [Lewis] Carroll’s

rhymes as nonsense,

but in my childhood world

Los Angeles in the ’50s

they made perfect sense.”

~ Wanda Coleman


Elfje: Cinquain



to think

brought to mind

some good, some bad





crying tears of joy

happy for a friend who cares

good time to have fun




there was a time , once
he sat in the corner and was called a dunce
not dumb, just that his brain was on backward
his dream was the only thing that mattered

he was introduced to the mind changing alcohol
paper tiger courage, he was no longer small
like Superman, a single leap over the wall
and like a drunk, on his face he did fall

thought he was Don Juan, all the girls did run
his stinking thinking thought that this was fun
on the dance floor he thought he was Fred Astaire
to his partner it was like dancing with a bear

he crossed the line, he needed to drink
justification, reasons, lies were all that he could think
the guilt, shame and remorse were not fun
he was alone, isolated, friends there were none

God had other plans for this soul
a suggestion he received when released on parole
visit a fellowship made up of recovering drunks
a group that found the way out of the dumps

with paper in hand he showed up at the door
the message was that he did not have to feel that way anymore
time quickly passed and he heard just keep coming back
new friends and new thinking kept him on track

he learned, never cured, just a daily reprieve
of a loving Higher Power he came to believe
a living miracle, one of the ten percent
he was no longer the loser or the malcontent

his mission became the spreading of the word
his tale of recovery is what they heard


ME and the Boss







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