Elevate The Soul


“To elevate

the soul,


is necessary.”


~ Edgar Allan Poe


Elfje: (Cinquain)



you are

from the mind

what’s in your heart



Lune: REVERSED 3-5-3



is necessary

to live




it is nine AM and the spam callers have started
intruding into my life that has been uncharted
empathy, everyone has to make a living
sympathy, it is my part to be forgiving

enjoying chaos, loving the tempest in the tea cup
I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up
the backward brain cannot make up its mind
to God we are all just one of a kind

time will move on, with or without me
a drifting raft in the middle of a large sea
envious of those who own a motor
debating my impact as a one in a million voter

is there a subliminal meaning to any of this drivel
something to do with my head being mounted on a swivel
rumbling, mumbling, stumbling, through one day at a time
can perverse thinking be a punishable crime

pardon me but I am just having some fun
trying not to get caught while being on the run


ME and the Boss









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