Sprout Wings


“Following dark winter’s strife,

a warm air rises,

teemed with life.

Birth, rebirth,

as the waiting die.

Old love, new love

sprouts wings to fly.”

― Phar West Nagle


Elfje: Cinquain



on wings

sail the sky

to chase the wind



Tanka: 5,7,5 . 7,7 syllables per line


another season

the Creator does not fail

a time to adjust


all animals must adapt

man is not an exception






paid the bills, no money left over
only dreams of being in the clover
contemplating what to do when I win the lotto
you just wait has been my motto

dreams with no action never work
believing in good luck is just a quirk
to put that cherry on the banana split
maybe tomorrow I’ll get around to it

what’s not to enjoy about living
glad to multiply the joy by giving
having a family by birth or by choice
just too many reasons to rejoice

do we really need a reason for being
what if we all were just dreaming
forget the questions, let your soul soar
know that happiness is rewarded by more


ME and the Boss









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