The Experimental Life


“The world has

never favored

the experimental life.

It despises poets,

fanatics, prophets

and lovers.”

― Randolph Bourne



Elfje: Cinquain



by crook

what the heck

nails on the paw





lost in mornings mist

a question which way to turn

the mind is at sea




so sad
they died so young
taken by the disease of addiction

I’m mad
so many songs to be sung
for some families a predisposition

the first to be stung
but not the first to suffer from the trip to perdition

heard it from grandmother’s tongue
but he chose to ignore the dreaded admonition

much to young to see how the door swung
hopefully the last to suffer from this malediction

I’m glad
on the ladder there is one more rung
a twelve step program to keep the devil in remission


ME and the Boss







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