Trop Moche



“Mon Dieu,

la vie

est par trop


― Aldous Huxley


my friend, the life is so ugly


Elfje: Cinquain



really grotesque

just physically repulsive

an appearance beyond horrendous



Lune: 3,5,3 syllables (Reversed)


windy day

tall trees bow their heads

birds fly low




the imagination is stuck in the routine
the mind is fixated on the black jelly bean
it is and/or is it a bad habit to be lazy
especially for those who are certified crazy

from here the poem took over the writing
just another God incident sighting
the tenor enjoined happy, joyous and free
another beautiful day for everyone to see

gratitude for breathing some fresh air
finding it unnecessary to compare
simply happy to be me and alive
thank God He allowed me to survive

remembering that there is a message to carry
for the sick and suffering the purpose is primary
crazy and lazy can be replaced with good habits
easier than trying to learn the new mathematics

doing the will of a loving Higher Power
securing a room in His ivory tower
the poem said that it was time to finish
I knew when it started to talk in Yiddish

time for the imagination to go back to sleep
the left over words go back into the heap
if I take time to listen the writer will be back
no need to rely on the zodiac

time for the writer and I to rest
next time, as usual, we will try our best.



ME and the Boss








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