The Medium


“The medium


the message.”


Marshall McLuhan (1964)


Elfje: Cinquain



real high

over the top

a long way up





what were his motives

very selfish, self centered

I, me, never we

it was always about him

without thinking of others




there is this crazy lady from Daytona Beach
reality was never within her reach
relationships always involved a hostage
her definition of love was the word bondage

she is always right, never wrong
the choice in music is invariably her song
every emotion involves a twist or a turn
someone always ends up with the heartburn

accusing everyone of having her own bad habits
is very adept at preforming mental acrobatics
behind the smoke and mirrors she is a saboteur
the family knows but they chose to ignore her

she remains needy, selfish and self centered 
ego driven and emotionally demented
those who know keep her in their prayers
nothing will happen as long as she is unawares

God will intervene, we pray she listens
she knows the name of some very good physicians
for those she harmed, time will heal
do not let your memory of her warp the way you feel


ME and the Boss







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