A Separate Experience



Literature is not

a picture of life,

but is a separate experience

with its own kind of flow

and enhancement.”


~ William Stafford

Elfje: Cinquain



the stripes

the stars white

a flag to honor





flowers need water
lack of rain is apparent
what is God planning




those who can’t, teach
critics who can’t, preach
the human form of the leech

it is so easy to pick on others
done by those who don’t like their mothers
the loners who can’t be like brothers

governments just wanting to placate the herd
politically correct and gender neutral preferred
unfortunately love has become a passé word

woe is the man whose ego is right sized
by the really sick he is totally despised
as a milk toast he is characterized

keep on praying, don’t be afraid
big money has manufactured this charade
they know that there is no free in free trade

there will come a day that no one can predict
one can only hope that it will be a peaceful conflict
hopefully it is the winning side that peace has picked

today, try to make your own choices
be wary of the devil and his many voices
don’t let social media control your devices

don’t teach, don’t preach, share the love
vote for those who believe that there is a God above
and just stay out of the way when push comes to shove


ME and the Boss



.http://ME and the Boss

http://ME and the Boss Recovery





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