A Social Effect

“The poem has

a social effect of some kind

whether or not

the poet wills it to have.

It has a kenetic force,

it sets in motion…

elements in the reader

that would otherwise

remain stagnant.”

 ~ Denise Levertov


Elfje: Cinquain (Classic, each word only one syllable)



no taste

used too much

not full of life





just go with the flow

control is always God’s choice

just let things happen




unique we think, yet we are more alike
especially for that drunk named Mike
he learned to identify the many feelings
better than watching the spinning ceilings

just another with brains on backward
inebriated, uninhibited, wannabe bad actor
fear motivated his entire persona
really an angel but he lost his corona

God, in His mercy, struck him sober
said it would be his last hangover
he was introduced to a Group Of Drunks
they showed him how to step out of the dumps

time passed on and he found peace of mind
he even learned how to be loving and kind
a spiritual foundation gave him serenity
family and friends loved his new identity

today he is about giving back
his wisdom is a trusted almanac
he offers others the pathway to nirvana
for some it’s a road map to find Tijuana

his brain is still on backwards he knows
but a new way of thinking really shows
he only suggest that you may try his way
the least you can do is to stop and pray
ME and the Boss










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