A Character


“Then you are a poet?’

she asked, fingering

the flyer in her pocket.

No not at all,

he waved his hand.

I am merely a character

in a poem.”

― Karen Tei Yamashita


Elfje: Cinquain



pass out

give to each

play cards for fun





her expectations

she will cry over spilt milk

she wants what she wants




no rhyme, no reason, no character
the poem had no relationship with an ancient mariner
the words just stumbled along looking for a home
the poem even sought advice from the garden gnome

even the writing muse shook her head
she said no line could be writ with a golden thread
despite the obstacles the poem kept trudging along
the page had to be filled come right or wrong

and then in a dream the character appeared
a hero who said there was nothing to be feared
said she, the words you seek are a dime a dozen
and most are as enjoyable as a kissing cousin

the poem was ecstatic, giggling with delight
the ideas kept coming day and night
adieu the hero said, my job is done here
she said the poems model should be Shakespeare

so is this a sonnet, to be or not to be
probably. with just an extra quatrain, as you can see



ME and the Boss





.http://ME and the Boss

http://ME and the Boss Recovery





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One response to “A Character

  • JP

    Your posts inspired me to write this morning, thank you for your outstretched hand:

    Such are the seasons as to me
    When each day bears it’s light on dreary branches
    And morning dew soaks fragile bark
    On some new day we find green growth
    Knowing those dark days have only given the tree strength
    It grows again in stillness


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