Music Straightjackets


“Music straightjackets

a poem and prevents it

from breathing on its own,

whereas it liberates a lyric.

Poetry doesn’t need music;

lyrics do.”

~ Stephen Sondheim


Elfje: Cinquain



the words

tells a story

sung by the choir



Tanka: , . , 5,7,5 . , . 7,7


stories told at length
more than enough syllables
life starts and life ends

in between things do happen
another happy ending




the canvas sat on the easel
the placid lake was beautiful
wanting to paint a picturesque scene
a bucolic setting that was serene

the swamp buggy broke the silence
much too loud with an attitude of defiance
the motorcycle roar added to the disturbance
unfortunately an all too frequent occurrence

The forest floor was a carpet of green
muted rays of light flickered about
sweet music provided by song birds unseen
the Creators best design without a doubt

the ATV roared through the glen
the aftermath was a rut and a gash
the air boats noise shook the fen
flora and fauna victims of the thrash

can man and nature ever coexist in harmony
or will the world always live discordantly
the side you choose should consider the next generation
pray that we will not have to live with only frustration


ME and the Boss
http://ME and the Boss

http://ME and the Boss Recovery




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