The Secret


“The secret

to life is

to live as though

you know

the secret.”


~ Barbara Botch


Elfje: Cinquain



who knows

hidden from view

enigma for the occult








The magic that frees the soul
faith in a Higher Power to extol
things change when you do his His will
the miracles that give one a thrill

to fly the soul needs no magic carpet
you are the designer of its final target
left, right, good, evil, up or down
if it was a circus you could be the clown

happiness involves a simple change in attitude
made by those who have much gratitude
thinking of and doing for others
we are all brothers from different mothers

a loving God who is Father to us all
remembering our rise from the Neanderthal
enjoy this life that we have been given
believe it or not this is heaven

always be motivated by the best of intentions
always be ready to ask the right questions
sometimes it is best to keep the mouth shut
easily done when stuffed with a cream filled donut

so the magic you see may come from any direction
today make sure you do not miss it’s detection


ME and the Boss



.http://ME and the Boss

http://ME and the Boss Recovery




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