“the poem doesn’t have stanzas,
it has a body,
the poem doesn’t have lines,
it has blood,
the poem is not

written with letters,
it’s written with grains of sand
and kisses,

petals and moments,
shouts and uncertainties.”

― José Luís Peixoto,

Elfje: Cinquain

make noise

raise the voice

break the ear drums

Tanka: 5 x 7 x 5 7 x 7
polite gentleman

considerate of others

always invited
welcomed into the best homes

great company to entertain

everything before me always carried the label “More”
there was never enough of what I ask for
I was never ever happy with just one
no patience to hang in there for the long run

the on off switch in the brain is broken
one donut becomes a bakers dozen
one little lie becomes a whales tale
just mix it all together, voilà, my favorite cocktail

an addictive personality lives in the negative
for no apparent reason they tend to be argumentative
a best friend can get it for you wholesale
another cigarette, just another coffin nail

alcohol, nicotine, chocolate, it is not what you choose
for the addictive personality it is how you abuse
change the mood, bury the feelings
ignoring God’s graces and His blessings

for the fortunate there is recovery
it begins and ends with self-discovery
dependence upon a Higher Power is necessary
working with others you become the beneficiary

the winners are willing to surrender
never wanting to forget their last bender
sanity achieved by the steps they climb
enjoying life one day at a time
ME and The Boss






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