Step Into It

“What else is a poem about?
The rhythm and the images

buried in the language.
All the ways you can build
an emotion with words,
but you can’t just write
‘I feel sad.’ I mean, you can,
but it’s not poetry…
I think it has to be experienced
instead of studied.
You step into it.”
~ Garret Freymann-Weyr

Elfje: Cinquain Classic: each word only one syllable.
heart felt
brings a smile
have tears of joy
the rainy season
humidity and heat rise
things grow fast and green

I can hear God laughing now
to my plans I want to apply
even when my motives are the very best
my God loves to put me to the test

go with the flow, accept the outcome
no harm in dreaming of being a beach bum
a spiritual aim to do the next right thing
but never stop trying for the golden ring

living a life that is free of stress
every once in a while just say yes
no one needs to be right all of the time
being nice is not a crime

remember that happiness is a free attitude
easily achieved with a small dose of gratitude

ME and the Boss

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http://ME and the Boss

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