The Suffering Adolescent

“You don’t
have to suffer
to be a poet;
is enough suffering
for anyone.”

~John Ciardi

Elfje: Cinquain
this date
here and now
new time each hour
Lune: 5,3,5
owls hoot breaks silence
full moon shines
night has its own vibe
spring has sprung
love grows in the hearts of the young
words like honey flow off of the tongue
to arouse desires the songs are sung

everyone enjoys the return of the sun
flora and fauna propagation has begun
the awakening spider her web is spun
children on the playground are having fun

melting snow makes the rivers wide
the green creeps up the mountain side
the returning migration has their guide
a moons strong pull brings the springtide

young and old celebrate the season
to thank a loving God is their reason
ME and the Boss

About merb010

Spring Hill, FL, United States Two nice old folks just hanging out, not hurting a bug or anything larger. The years have been kind to us and we now we are enjoying our golden years reading and writing. We are grateful for the God given talents that we now use to help others. View all posts by merb010

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