I Am Two Fools

“I am two fools,

I know,

for loving,

and for saying so

in whining poetry.”

.John Donne


Elfje: Cinquain
gulp down
mom is sow
dad is a boar
Tanka: 5 x 7 x 5, 7 x 7
selfish self centered
a vain egomaniac
it’s all about me

self love carried to extremes
narcissist is unhealthy
his brain was like a railroad station
thoughts like trains were coming and going
full or empty, most needed a citation
rare was the train that was mind blowing

born that way
the conductor was missing from the very beginning
schedules lost, time was always a delay
who knew what kept the wheels spinning

serious moments when a train jumps the tracks
shrinks and pills offered to work things out
the trains brains had lost their syntax
insane they called it, and it was without a doubt

there are times when the train chooses the wrong siding
the choices between right and wrong are colliding
the lucky can accept a new attitude
the best are those whose heart has gratitude

this metaphor uses a child’s toy
but the real mental illness is not a joy
support research and pray for medical advances
be sympathetic, help the sick pick up the pieces
ME and The Boss


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