My Poetry Was Born

“I grew up in this town,
my poetry was born
between the hill
and the river,
it took its voice from the rain,
and like the timber,
it steeped itself in the forests.”

Pablo Neruda


Elfje: Cinquain
rise up
expand in size
turn into something big

Lune: 5,3,5
memories abound
my home town
growing up was fun
was it the truth, was he being honest
practicing what he was teaching, the Sorbonist
so many thieves running a scam
before the internet it was the flimflam

so easy to dupe the little old ladies
you are the winner of two Mercedes
the rich get richer by keeping their money
it takes a tax break for them to spend, Honey

without a mate it is someone to talk to
it’s four million dollars plus just for you
the garden gnome said that money grows on a tree
believe your mother there is no such thing as free

they say without playing you will never win the game
but they make their money by selling your name
if they would only use their wiles to do good
the motivation for greed is so misunderstood

use your common sense, be careful
no one wants to see you tearful
ME and the Boss

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